How do we create an urban environment that challenges people to live and eat healthily? Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere’s research program focuses on factors that influence our lifestyles and nutrition, and addresses the question of how these factors can contribute to this in a sustainable manner. The program covers green, physical factors (urban green space), social factors, spatial factors (points of sale of food) and economic factors.

In the ‘Healthy living in green cities’ research program, we develop new knowledge and business concepts. We carry out this research for and in collaboration with various parties in the region, such as government agencies, businesses, institutions and NGOs. Students of the faculty and other faculties, and students from other universities of applied sciences participate in the research program in modules, practical and graduation research projects and internships.

We publish our research in international journals and play a part in conferences and seminars. With our knowledge on complex themes, we provide a valuable contribution to the future development of green, future proof cities that challenge its inhabitants to lead a healthy lifestyle. This centres around an integral, multidimensional approach.