Urban food issues

Over the years, our food system has become industrialized. Despite having a positive side, it also negatively affects the environment, living environments and our health. Common effects on the environment are deforestation, soil depletion and water scarcity. The number of people suffering from obesity and related diseases is growing, and our food often comes from afar. However, food can also help us to connect. Not just with each other – when people enjoy a meal together – but also with the country of origin or with our own environments, the countryside, and those who produce our food.

The ‘Urban food issues’ professorship focuses on promoting an inclusive food environment – also known as a foodscape – in which consumers have access to healthy and sustainable food, mostly locally, that suits their backgrounds, way of life and available means. Not only do we pay attention to minor initiatives in towns and cities, we also focus on short cycles that make the provision of food from the region possible to towns and cities. This professorship has ties with Flevo Campus.