Meten is weten

The quality of surface water is under pressure. This is caused by, among other things, climate change and urbanization. The collaboration between knowledge institutes will ensure that innovations are introduced, in order to research aquatic ecology and biodiversity, validate models and make measures more efficient.

Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere and knowledge institute Deltares are leading the way. Deltares’s innovations and the innovations it has yet to develop, will be put into practice by students of Aeres University of Applied Sciences to measure water quality. Together with government agencies, such as town councils, water boards and provinces, and innovative companies, the professorship will develop an inspiring and learning network on the subject of (urban) water quality. Research will be carried out in the field, for example by deploying floating waste removers equipped with sensors at the Floriade, and by measuring the water quality in the area by local residents with apps that are yet to be developed.

This will not only provide us with better insights into the status of present and future water quality and biodiversity, it will also enable residents to become more involved and to help achieve optimal water quality. Measurements collected with remote sensing and other sensors will be linked to water quality models to improve forecasts. Results will be communicated in various ways and through various channels, and so, the professorship will also play a part in strengthening the Netherlands’ international position in the field of water quality management.

Would you like to learn more about the 'Healthy Surface Waters' professorship? Please contact Miguel Dionisio Pires.