Doorsnede boom

Each faculty has its own research program that is in line with the faculty’s education program. Our research programs are: ‘Healthy living in green cities’, ‘Sustainable entrepreneurship’, and 'Sustainable learning and development in transitions'.


Onderzoeksprogramma Gezond leven in de groene stad

The Healthy living in green cities research program is about the transition to a sustainable society, about new business models for urban farming and factors that influence our lifestyles and nutrition.


onderzoeksprogramma Duurzaam ondernemen

The Sustainable entrepreneurship research program is all about sustainable food production, entrepreneurship and business development in the agri-food and horticultural sectors.


Research Wageningen

The Sustainable learning and development in transitions research program is about enhancing the learning, development and knowledge building capacity of students, practitioners, professionals and the learning culture of the professional practice. This all in a way that is in balance with nature and contributing to the lifelong development of humans.