Are you an aspiring business professional looking forward to shaping tomorrow’s international food industry? Our bachelor’s degree programme in International Food Business provides you with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the fields of business administration, export, logistics and marketing. Together with other international students, you will embark on an exciting learning experience across two continents. This educational journey leads to two bachelor’s degrees and various international research and career opportunities, such as sales manager.

Why this programme?

  • International and English-taught programme (internship, lessons and lectures on two continents)
  • You will receive two bachelor’s degrees: a Bachelor in Agribusiness & Business Administration (BBA) from Aeres UAS and a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture ( (Agr)) from Dalhousie University
  • Access to various labour markets around the world
  • You will be studying for one year in Canada at the Dalhousie University
  • Follow up with a one-year master’s programme at a University of Applied Sciences
  • Location: Dronten
  • Bachelor's programme
  • Duration: 4 years, full-time
  • Language: English
  • Number of credits: 240 ECTS
  • Start date: 1 September
  • Application deadline EU-students: 1 May
  • Application deadline non-EU students: 1 April
  • Tuition fee EU 2022-2023: €2209
  • Tuition fee non-EU 2022-2023: €7676
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The added value here is that you gain better and more specific knowledge of the food industry, essential for a more focused understanding.

Lukas Müller, Student International Food Business

Study information

Lecturer Pat Burgess and Jill Holtkuile explain why an international study - in which you also go to Canada for a year - is so much fun! They also tell you about the modules that will be offered during the four-year study and what you can do after obtaining your diploma.

More information

  • The International Food Business programme is given in English to students from all over the world. So, what better way to start than with a study tour abroad? Here you will meet the other students, including those from our partner university Dalhousie University in Canada. The tour will provide you with an introduction to the international food industry and with ample time to get to know your fellow students better. After all, you will be studying together for four years.

    In the first three years, you will learn a vast array of important terms and skills that are current in the international food industry, as well as improve your English proficiency. The programme covers subjects such as: export, business chains, food safety, marketing and logistics. In four years – 1 in Canada – you will learn how to market and sell products abroad and prepare yourself for a career in the international market.

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  • Admission requires high school (secondary school) graduation at the level of higher general secondary education or pre-university education (Dutch equivalent HAVO-VWO). We advise you to contact us for personal advice and further details. Applicants must also submit a motivation letter and resume outlining their commitment to the programme and must be available for a personal interview and an English language test. The decision on your enrolment will be based on all the requirements mentioned above.
  • On graduation day, you will receive two well-deserved bachelor’s degrees in Agribusiness & Business Administration. Four years of studying, projects and work experience will have shaped you as a person and as a professional. You will be rearing to realize your potential in a career that takes you to countries all over the world, or looking to further your studies in a master’s degree programme. Click here for degree comparability information.

    As a bachelor in International Food Business, you will find many positions waiting to be discovered in and outside of the food industry:

    • Sales Manager
    • International Market Researcher
    • Food Safety Manager
    • Logistics Manager
    • Process Controller
    • Quality Manager
    • Export Manager
  • "The added value here is that you gain better and more specific knowledge of the food industry, essential for a more focused understanding."

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