International Food Business

International Food Business

4 years
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Bachelor programme
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Field of interest

The study programme

International Food Business is the programme for you if you are curious about the processes involved in food production. Would you like to help think up ideas on how to sustainably improve local and global food production? The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of food products in the world. This programme will prepare you for your part in shaping tomorrow’s food industry as a professional or business owner. As in any other business administration programme, you will learn how to set up a business and make it grow. You will also learn about food products and the ever-changing industry, how consumers make choices and how to produce and market innovative products. Your practical experience will come from actual business projects and internships. The best part is you will also study abroad, and you decide where.

Admission requirements

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Practical matters

What you need to know...

  • Application
    • Start date for this programme: 1 September
    • Application open as of: 1 October
    • Application deadline for non-EU applicants: 1 April
    • Application deadline for applicants from the EU: 1 May

    You can apply through Studielink. Studielink is an online application tool in the Netherlands that allows your enrolment details to be automatically forwarded to Aeres University of Applied Sciences.

    On this page, you will find more information about your application.

  • Fees and funding
    • Tuition fee for students from the EU 2024-2025: €2.530,-
    • Tuition fee for students from outside the EU 2024-2025: €9.434,-
    • Non-EU applicants can apply forThe NL Scholarship

    When you're going to study abroad, it's good to know what to expect finanicially. Here you can find information about tuition fees and other (study) costs.

  • Other practical matters

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Programme content

This is what you will learn

Introductory Year

Like in any other business administration programme, Year 1 focuses on learning the basics of running a business, whether it is an innovative start-up with its own unique story or a leading international corporation. This involves being able to start a good (online) marketing communications strategy for a food product. Besides getting the hang of business operations, you will also get to know the ins and outs of the agricultural and food industries, as well as the entire food production chain. You will learn about trends and developments and what causes prices to rise in supermarkets. Not to worry if this feels overwhelming, as you will be assigned a personal coach who is more than happy to help you become the professional you want to be. In Year 1, you also get to choose in which country you want to study in Years 2 and 3: France, Italy, Canada or the United States.

Europe (France and Italy)

This is what Years 2 and 3 will look like if you choose to study in Europe, i.e. in France and Italy:


Are you thinking of studying in Canada? This is what you can expect in your second and third year:

United States of America

If you choose to study in the United States of America (USA), your second and third years will look like this:


Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun? Before you know it, you will be in Year 4, choosing your minor programmes that enable you to either specialize or broaden your studies. It is all up to you. You will complete your studies with a graduation internship and a graduation thesis. Or are you up for something completely different? In that case, participate in Green Starters. This is a great opportunity to start your own business with the help of experienced business coaches from Aeres and the industry.


Your options after graduation

  • Career opportunities

    People need to eat every day. So, the food industry is looking for people like you. International Food Business graduates whose full-time studies not only broaden their scope of application, but also provide them with a vast array of job opportunities. With 98,8 % the employment rate among graduates from Aeres University of Applied Sciences is very high and promising! These are some of the career opportunities laid on your table once you successfully complete the programme:

    • Logistics or sustainability consultant in the supply chain
    • Entrepreneur and owner of a start-up
    • Process manager
    • Talent manager in the food industry
    • Export and trade specialist
    • International sales manager
    • Procurement specialist
    • International market researcher
    • Food safety and quality expert
  • Further studies

    If you do not feel like starting your career in food business just yet, you can further your studies with us. We provide two English 1-year master’s programmes:

  • Experience from a former student

    Hey foodies! Can’t believe it's been almost 4 years since I graduated from International Food Business. Time really flies! My time at IFB was more than just studying; it was a valuable period in my life. The personalised teaching, connections with lecturers, interesting classes, campus life, and our adventure in Canada made it all an unforgettable experience.

    Thinking back 8 years ago, when I attended an orientation for IFB, topics like quality management, supply chain, and marketing caught my interest and led me to pursue business studies. Looking back, it was the best decision I ever made. One of the best parts of IFB was making lifelong friendships and going on field trips to explore different aspects of the food industry, from farms to food processing plants. For those considering IFB, I'd say, think about the future. What will we be eating in 30 years’ time? Will we be living in a sci-fi world? Probably not. Being part of the changes and challenges in the food industry is exciting! In my current job, I interact with leading companies in the food industry daily, and much of what I know stems from my time at IFB. So, if you're ready for an educational journey that goes beyond textbooks and prepares you for the real world, then IFB might just be the right choice for you!

    Pam Roesink, alumnus International Food Business

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