The food we eat says a lot about who we are, including our background, culture, traditions, health and where we live. For centuries, the variety in locations In Europe has provided great diversity in unique food products and food production methods. Our bachelor’s degree programme European Food Business takes you to three different countries and helps you to develop the entrepreneurship and innovation skills you need to provide consumers worldwide with reliable and healthy food products.

Why this programme?

  • European Food Business is ranked as a Top Rated Programme by the Keuzegids 2019
  • Learn about today’s consumers and how they are more aware of what they eat and are looking for products of known origin
  • Build strong foundations for business management, marketing and food product development
  • Gain deeper insights into developments in food production in the European Union
  • Study in The Netherlands, Italy and France!
  • Location: Almere
  •  Bachelor's programme
  • Duration: 4 years, full-time
  • Language: English
  • Number of credits: 240 ECTS
  • Start date: 1 September
  • Application deadline EU-students: 1 May
  • Application deadline non-EU students: 1 April
  • Tuition fee EU 2022-2023: €2209
  • Tuition fee non-EU 2022-2023: €7676

More information

  • The focus in this 4-year programme lies on entrepreneurship and innovation in the European food business sector. In the first two years, you will build strong foundations for business management, marketing and food product development. You will also receive English language training and gain insights into development in the food business worldwide and in the European Union. This involves going on a study trip to one or two European countries in the first semester to further explore the concept of European food production.

    The second and third years take you to different European universities of applied sciences. There you will focus further on the relation between the location where products are grown and the specific characteristics of products. You will also get a better understanding of the relation between culture and food, and how to brand products coming from a specific region. In the fourth year, you will create your own business, based on a product of choice and write a thesis.

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  • Admission requires high school (secondary school) graduation at the level of higher general secondary education or pre-university education (Dutch equivalent HAVO-VWO). We advise you to contact us for personal advice and further details. Applicants must also submit a motivation letter and resume outlining their commitment to the programme and must be available for a personal interview and an English language test. The decision on your enrolment will be based on all the requirements mentioned above.

  • After successfully completing the 4- year programme European Food Business, you will receive an Ingenieur degree (bachelor´s honours degree) in Agribusiness & Business Administration.

    You can either continue your studies in a master's degree programme or you can look forward to a career as a:

    • Market Research Manager
    • Distribution and Logistics Manager
    • Corporate Sales Manager
    • Financial Officer
    • International Sales Consultant
    • Policy Analyst
    • International Marketing Manager
  • "The European Food Business programme gives me more insight in the entire food chain and related business aspects"

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In this presentation, lecturer Mrs Sintija Kuipers gives information about the content and the programme outline of European Food Business. Student Erich Schuster explains why he chose to study European Food Business.

The European Food Business programme gives me more insight in the entire food chain and related business aspects

Juriaan Blommaert, 2nd year student in academic year 2017-2019, Alumnus of 2019

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