Groene en vitale stad

The Green & Vital Cities professorship centres around the question of how urban green space can contribute to people’s health and well-being. Can we set up cities, towns and villages in such a way that every inhabitant has access to green areas, preferably in their own neighbourhood, to play in and for recreational purposes? Which characteristics of green space have a positive effect on relaxation and exercise? How does urban biodiversity relate to people’s health? The importance of Nature outside urban areas is also researched, such as the relevance of the Nieuw Land National Park, situated near Almere and Lelystad.

We carry out this research together with students of the study programs Applied Biology, Food & Healthy Living, and Geo Media & Design.

The professorship collaborates with various partners, such as city and town councils, businesses in the green sector (garden designers, landscape architects and green businesses) and the organizations that manage green areas. The professorship is also involved in the development of Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS), the partnership of Wageningen University, TU Delft and MIT Boston, the Flevocampus and the ‘Kenniscentrum Natuur en Leefomgeving’ of green education.

Would you like to learn more about the Green & Vital Cities professorship? Please contact Dinand Ekkel.