Dinand Ekkel professor at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere

Position: Professor and team leader of Practice-based Research in Almere
Professorship: Green & Vital Cities
Email: d.ekkel@aeres.nl
Telephone number: 088 020 5782
Social media: LinkedIn

About Dinand Ekkel

Dr. Dinand Ekkel has been associated with Aeres University of Applied Sciences since 2006 and became the professor of Green & Vital Cities at the Almere Faculty on 1 March 2011. He graduated in the field of Zootechnics at Wageningen UR in 1988 and obtained his doctorate in 1996 at Utrecht University. He has researched the interaction between animals and their environment. Studying animal behaviour and health provides insights into the degree to which the environment meets animals’’ needs. In his professorship, he studies the interaction between humans and the urban environment. Nature and urban green spaces are essential elements of the environment and contribute positively to the health and well-being of city dwellers. However, how much green space is necessary? Where should it be located? And what does it look like? These are the questions that the professorship seeks to answer. Besides his position as a professor, Dinand Ekkel is also the team leader of the Practice-based Research Team in Almere.