Manon Ruijters

Position: Professor and Academic Director of the ‘Learning and Innovation’ master’s programme (MLI) at Aeres University of Applied Sciences, professor of ‘Learning, Developing and Behavioural Change’ at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, adviser at Good Work Company
Professorship: Professional identity and organization development

About Manon Ruijters

Prof. Dr. Manon Ruijters began working for Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen (formerly known as Stoas Wageningen) in 2011, on the theme of ‘The Ecology of Learning’. Meanwhile, 12 years and a number of professorship terms later, this central subject has been developed into a professional identity and good work.

After studying Logopaedics, Manon decided to study Education Sciences and Remedial Education at the University of Leiden. Through her interest in the development of intelligence she became interested in learning and development. In 2000, she became an adviser at TwynstraGudde, where she became an academic partner. At present, she is a co-owner of and an adviser for Good Work Company.

In 2006, she obtained her doctorate on the subject of ‘diversity in learning in and from organisations’. Besides her professorship, she became a professor in January of 2017 at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with a chair in the field of learning, developing and behavioural change. Regularly she gives lectures and master classes at business schools as a visiting scholar. She is a member of the advisory board of the ‘Organisation and Development Magazine’ and the ‘Science of Guidance Magazine’.

Her work focuses on issues of professional development and organisational development. Her keywords are: learning, professionalisation, professional identity, leadership, good work, team learning, organisational development, and work-based research. Research and practice constantly merge. The subjects and issues in the field of practice are leading. She loves inviting professionals who she meets to co-research, develop their profession and provide good work.