Professionele identiteit en organisatieontwikkeling

Professionals are overloaded with new developments. Therefore, it is no mean task to remain standing amid these influences, let alone to do ‘good work’. The same applies to shaping learning and to developing professionals in organizations. Add to this the fact that professionalization does not naturally lead to professionalism, while we notice that this is what society demands from professionals and organizations.

The professorship centers around questions such as: How do you guarantee resilient, wise and strong professionals? How much room should you give and where do you set boundaries? How do you help teams to mutually define ‘good work’? What exactly is quality in contemporary organizations and how do you ensure quality? How do you organize ‘good work’?

Research areas

The research areas of this professorship are:

  • Work-based research
  • Professional identity and working on identity in organizations
  • Mutual definitions of great work in secondary vocational education
  • Professional identity in initial (teacher) training
  • The Good Work Expedition
  • Certification and registration
  • Professional associations

Research areas explained

The Professor

In addition to her position as professor, professor Manon Ruijters holds the position of full professor at the School of Business and Economics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, in the professorship of ‘Learning, developing and behavioural change’ (Ruijters, 2017).