Our new building already has the nickname 'Green Lung'. It will be a leading building in the field of climate adaptation (green), sustainability (heat, energy, materials), circuarity and health.

According to research, working and living in a green, plant-rich environment contributes to people's general well-being. For example, greenery in the vicinity makes an important contribution to the ability to concentrate and is experienced as pleasant and inspiring. Based on this scientific knowledge and in line with our profile, greenery has been an important building block in the creation of the design right from the start.

Due to the open concept and the greenery that is woven through the building, the building functions as a breathable and open whole. A green lung, a symbol of life itself! In the building it will become visible that our motto "let the city live" really suits us. Daylight is present in every room in the building, directly through the facade and indirectly through the voids and open spaces. Wherever you are inside, you are always in contact with the outside, with life in the city. In addition, the building is literally green with a living facade of plants.

A building of all of us

De architect of our building, BDG architecten, designed the building in close consultation with students and teachers of our college. After all, they are the users of the building. In this way, the composition, position, size and layout of the spaces were created in close consultation with each other. So the building really belongs to all of us and we are proud of that.

The building has five floors with a total area of 4000 m2 of classrooms, study areas and offices. There is possibility to teach 900 students. On top of the building there will be a roof garden with a place to have lunch and to carry out and exhibit projects with plants.

The plot of Aeres University of Applied Science Almere is located on the east side of the Floriade grounds on one of the main access roads. During the exhibition the building functions as a reception building and thus gets the attention it deserves.

Our plot is part of the world exhibition Floriade and therefore trees will be planted around (and on the roof) that are part of the arboretum, which forms the core of the Floriade design.

Source photos: BDG Architecten