Green lung

Aeres University of Applied Science Almere moved to a beautiful, inspiring new building! It carries the name 'Green Lung'. The open design and integration of greenery in and around the building make it a healthy and inspiring learning environment for our students. Literally the greenest university in the Netherlands! 

The direction of our University is Arboretum West 98, Almere.

Take a look at the impression of the building:  

Our new university building is part of the campus in cooperation with Flevo Campus, a physical place where education, research and science come together. Not only for students and researchers, but also for residents of Almere and beyond to get to know and think about the urban life of the future. Togetherwe give life to the city.

“I'm already so proud of our new building. It will literally become a green landscape from ground level to roof. And the best part is that we designed it in consultation with our staff and students.”

Wil Bekkering, director of Aeres University of Applied Science Almere

Wil Bekkering

Frequently Asked Questions


  • If you have any questions about our new building of our University of Applied Science, please contact Bjorn Brink at b.brink@aeres.nl.
  • For more information about (studying at) Aeres University of Applied Science Almere can be found on our website.