Application deadline

Application is open as of October 1. Application deadline: june 15 2022, only for for NL and EU-students.

Step-by-step application

Step 1: Requirements

Check if you are admissible. Do you have the required diploma and do you meet the other requirements for the study programme of your choice? Be sure to check the information about your preferred programme, so you know what to expect. You can find the admission requirements on the programme page under ‘Admission requirements’.

Step 2: Submit application documents

Send the following documents via email to the international office:

  • CV/Resume (contact details, prior learning and relevant working experience)
  • Motivation letter
  • Copy passport/ID card
  • Most relevant diploma and a list of marks/transcript
  • English language test result/proof of ability (see page requirements/toelatingseisen)

Step 3: Application committee

After all the required documents are received, the application committee will decide if you are admissible. You will receive the result within 2 weeks after uploading the documents. If the application committee is positive about your application you will receive the following request: Participate in an intake interview with one of our academic staff members. This person will write a report that will be added to your application file.

After the above has been completed the application committee will make the final decision on your admission. If positive, you will receive an email with your admission letter, detailed financial information and housing information.

Step 4: For NON-European applicants: Study residence permit (visa) application.

After you have received admission the International Office will inform you on the steps that need to be taken in order for the university to apply for your residence permit.