Resilient plants

As more and more people move into cities, more and more questions arise regarding nature, livability, provision of food, water and energy. Knowledge is needed to keep growing cities livable worldwide. Therefore, our education and research is focused on these issues.

Research in Almere

How do we create an urban environment that challenges us to lead a healthy life with a healthy diet? The research programme at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere focuses on factors that influence our lifestyle and our nutrition, and the question of how these factors can contribute to this in a sustainable manner.

Resilient plants

The professorship is engaged in practice-based research on sustainable crop protection and resilience of plants and ecosystems. To protect plants from pests we use crop protection products. However, many chemicals are harmful to the environment and have been or are being banned by the EU. It is therefore important to also be able to protect plants in a sustainable, natural way and make them resistant to diseases and pests. This can be done using mechanisms from or based on nature itself. In addition to resilience to diseases and pests, with climate change, resilience to abiotic stresses such as drought will also become increasingly important

We carry out this research together with students from the study programs Applied Biology, Nutrition & Healthy Living, and Earth & Climate.

Mirka Macel

Mirka Macel has been associated with Aeres University of Applied Sciences as Lecturer in Resilient Plants since April 1, 2021. Mirka holds a PhD from Leiden University and did research on plant - insect interactions and plant defenses in natural systems and crops.

Food, Nature & Urban Green

Rooftop ontdekkingsdak bloem bij Aeres Hogeschool Almere

Education in Almere is all about making and keeping growing cities liveable. We need knowledge to make cities sustainable in terms of nature, food, water en energy. That's why we educate students around the themes of Food, Nature & Urban Green.

Plant breeding

Student onderzoek plant natuur Aeres Hogeschool Almere

In this 1-year degree in “Plant Breeding”, student will work with real seed companies, analyse their breeding programs, and present advisory reports in final presentations. All to contribute to future worldwide food security.

Food Systems Innovation

Food Systems innovation

This master programme educates students how to contribute to healthy and sustainable food production and consumption. They learn to design future-proof solutions for a more climate-neutral and circular food system. All to guarantee the availability of sustainable and healthy food.