Wiggele Oosterhoff researcher at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Dronten

Position: Teacher - Researcher of ethics and entrepreneurship, head of the entrepreneurship programme, graduation phase coordinator
Email: w.oosterhoff@aeres.nl
Social media: LinkedIn

About Wiggele Oosterhoff

Wiggele Oosterhoff connects research and the field of practice in the study programmes at Aeres University of Applied Sciences. As a teacher researcher of ethics and entrepreneurship, he has conversations with students and entrepreneurs about what drives them deep down and about their personal values. He developed a tool for this, called the WaardeNspel (values game), which has been published by Aeres.

As a graduation coordinator, he connects students, teachers, researchers and businesses concerning themes that are important to Aeres. Each professorship is connected to a minor in the final year. As head of the entrepreneurship programme, he develops the entrepreneurship portfolio, which entails: starting a business, leading a business, taking over a business, innovating a business, and learning from entrepreneurship. He also organises Aeres’s annual Life Seminar and carries out all kinds of developmental activities.


The WaardeNspel can be played by people from different target groups: entrepreneurs, students, teams etc. It provides the players more insight into personal values and what drives them in relationship to a business or to other organisations and people. Click here for more information on the WaardeNspel. Please feel free to send an email to w.oosterhoff@aeres.nl if you have any questions or wish to order the WaardeNspel.

Book: ‘Doorzien’

In his personal capacity, Wiggele wrote a book called Doorzien (to see through), a contextual manual for family farm businesses. In this book, he describes systems, entrepreneurial strengths and patterns. It is a combination of many real-life stories, assignments and (contextual) theory. A manual to work with. It can be purchased in (online) book stores.