Tom van Oeffelt

Position: Teacher - Researcher, Teacher trainer, school pedagogy field, doctoral student

About Tom van Oeffelt

Tom van Oeffelt carries out research on collective professionalism. He is fascinated by the question of how professionals are able to do good work together. He focuses mainly on the questions: ‘What is good?’, and ‘How do you determine this together?’ He carries out his research for the Professional Identity and Development professorship that is led by Manon Ruijters.

Tom provides education on the themes of leaning and innovation in teams for the Learning and Innovation master’s programme. Additionally, he is and has been a project manager of various research projects, such as ‘Topclass’, ‘Development of responsive leadership in agricultural education’, and ‘Looking together for good work in vocational secondary education’.

Tom studied German and German Literature in Utrecht and Würzburg. He was a German teacher in secondary and higher education and a trainer and an adviser for Dekkers, an education consultancy. He began working for Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen in 2018 as a school pedagogy teacher for the bachelor’s and master’s programmes.