Svenja Daniëlle Hagedoorn researcher at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Dronten

Position: Project manager, researcher, Horticulture & Crop Farming team leader
Professorship: Sustainable Soil Management
Telephone number: +31 63 40 73 867
Social media: LinkedIn

About Svenja Daniëlle Hagedoorn

Svenja Daniëlle Hagedoorn graduated as an archaeologist at Leiden University in 2014. She already began working during her studies and was able to participate in many great projects at the archaeological research company Archol B.V, Since 2016, she and her boyfriend run his parents’ crop farm on the Zeesterweg. As they also have two young children, it was time to find a job closer to home. That is why she started working for Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Dronten in 2019 as a project manager, researcher and team leader.

She manages various projects, including the Soil Innovation Lab project on soil compaction, and a project that started recently, called Area-based Opportunities, which is about nature inclusive entrepreneurship. She also provides many soil science classes, mainly to first year students, helps students prepare for their tests of competence and graduation, and does much work for the Vital Soil minor.