Sara Albone | Aeres Hogeschool Wageningen

Position: Teacher - Researcher, Teacher trainer
Professorship: Boundary crossing practices of teachers and researchers
Social media: LinkedIn

About Sara Albone

Sara Albone began working as a veterinarian after studying Veterinary Medicine at Glasgow University. About ten years later, she switched to education. After working for nine years at Aeres MBO school of vocational secondary education in Barneveld, she took the Learning and Innovation master’s programme, and went to work for Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen. She has worked for Aeres for seven years, teaching how to conduct research to students who are working on the graduation assignment of ‘The researching professional’.

Besides her work at the faculty in Wageningen, Sara works two days a week as the proctor of Animal Welfare and Health at Aeres MBO in Barneveld and focuses on animal welfare issues. One of the proctorship’s spearheads is involving vocational secondary education students and teachers in conducting research and developing their investigative ability. This connects seamlessly with the Boundary Practices of Teachers and Researchers professorship that focuses on investigative ability too. In the spring of 2024, Sara will take a professional doctoral programme on the subject of strengthening the professional field of proctors. She will be supervised by Niek van den Berg and Ilya Zitter.