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Position: Teacher - Researcher
Professorship: Human-Animal Interactions, Animal Assisted Interventions

About Sandra Haven-Pross

Sandra graduated as a veterinarian, specialising in pets and has been working for the Practice-based Research Team at Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Dronten since 2022. She works on various projects of the Human-Animal Interactions and the Animal Assisted Interventions professorships. Previously, she worked as an animal health teacher for the Animal Health & Management programme. Besides teaching animal health, animal feed, welfare and sustainability, she was jointly responsible for the (further) development of the Veterinary Practice Manager associate degree programme.

While working as a vet, she soon noticed the extra value of a good human-animal relationship for the welfare of both humans and animals. However, this relationship is complicated and dynamic, and ownership demands knowledge and insight. This is why, in her work as a teacher and a researcher, she dedicates herself to providing knowledge, creating awareness and researching the different aspects that influence this bond. She is going to delve deeper into these effects during her doctoral research.

She also promotes the welfare and the responsible ownership and use of animals in her work for the board of AAI Quality Register (AKR) and the Green Veterinarian Foundation.