Niek van den Berg

About Niek van den Berg

Dr. Niek van den Berg researches the collaboration between teachers and researchers. The questions she aims to answer are: How do practice-based researchers and practicing professionals work together on practical issues? How do they deal with the roles of researcher and teacher when they practice both roles in their work? What are their perspectives on the quality of research and what dilemmas do they encounter?

Besides leading her professorship, she is a researcher and adviser for Strix Aluco – Research & Innovation, where she works for, among other organisations, the Knowledge Roundabout of NRO, and she is a member of the commission for the Regional Investment Fund MBO.

Niek has worked in various roles as a social science researcher, mainly for (vocational) education. Her doctoral research ‘Unity and Diversity’ was on the design of basic adult education. Later on, she also worked as a science executive for the Dutch Education Council and as a professor for ROC Zadkine. In 2012, she began working as a teacher for the Learning and Development master’s programme at Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen, of which she became the professor in 2015.