Research Wageningen

Position: Teacher - Researcher, school pedagogy teachers trainer, doctoral student

About Niek van Benthum

Niek van Benthum is a teacher researcher at Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen. He works as a teacher, assessor, student coach and research supervisor for the ‘Learning and Innovation’ master’s programme. As a teacher, he focuses on ‘Innovation in teams’, which is about the question of how team members can realise an innovation together. He also focuses on ‘Developing learning pathways’, which is about the development of consistent learning pathways that have an impact. For the bachelor’s programme for teachers in (green) vocational education, he teaches about and coaches students in setting up and carrying out practice-based research in the final stage of their studies.

Niek is associated with the Professional Identity and Organisation Development professorship, where he occupies himself with the subject of professional identity. As a co-author and editor, he recently published a book called ‘(Learning) to Stand Firmly’, that gives guidelines on working on the subject of professional identity in initial education. This was preceded by Niek’s doctoral research on the professionalisation of teachers in ‘Assessment for Learning’. He has also worked as a teacher in special primary education.