Marleen Warnaar researcher at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere

Position: Researcher
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About Marleen Warnaar

Marleen Warnaar has been working for Aeres since 2014. She started at Aeres VMBO and MBO Almere, and in 2020, after several years of intensive collaboration, she began working in the Practice Research Team of Aeres University of Applied Sciences. She works for several programmes and projects that centre around knowledge sharing, awareness and connecting the professional field with education. The themes that Marleen commits herself to are about food and health, the food transition, sustainability education and environment-based entrepreneurship.

Early in 2018, Marleen took on the role of ‘Jong Leren Eten makelaar Flevoland’ (Flevoland’s agent for learning to eat at a young age), through which Aeres became an important partner in the ‘Sustainable Progress Flevoland’ knowledge and innovation programme. This programme is a collaboration of local government, entrepreneurs, societal organisations and other education and knowledge institutes. By working with city councils, town councils and provinces, Aeres comes up with ideas about integrating policy in a practical sense in food, health and sustainability. The collaboration between parties and organisations in the area, often leads to interesting interactions that are also very enriching for the education that Aeres provides.