Marcel van den Berg professor at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere

Position: Professor
Professorship: Ecology of IJsselmeer
Social media: LinkedIn

About Marcel van den Berg

Dr. Marcel van den Berg works for Rijkswaterstaat, a Directorate-General of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, and was appointed as a professor of the Ecology of IJsselmeer professorship. At Rijkswaterstaat he occupies himself with water quality and nature conservation, especially in the IJsselmeer region. At Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Almere, Marcel wants to make the connection between the field of practice, education and the development of knowledge in that magnificent IJsselmeer region. The subjects concerning ‘our’ waterways are free for the taking. Whether the subject is the nuisance of aquatic plants, fish kills, new sand mining projects, power from water, the construction of homes, climate change, the supply of fresh water, or the development of nature, our society needs knowledge to make and keep our water system healthy and resilient.

Marcel started his career as an analyst. He conducted his doctoral research on the ecology of the lakes in the IJsselmeer region. After having worked in this field for 20 years, he wants to do more with his own knowledge. Not just by developing new knowledge, but by applying knowledge and transferring it in an organic way. What could be better than doing this as a professor? His professorship focuses on the ecology and the effects of activities in an on the water, and on how we can make water systems more resilient.