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Position: Teacher - Researcher
Professorship: Human-Animal Interactions

About Lydia Nieuwe Weme

After obtaining her master’s degree in Animal Science at Wageningen UR in 2013, Lydia Nieuwe Weme stayed on to work for the Behavioural Ecology group. There she was involved in various research projects and classes in education on animal behaviour and welfare, including that of horses, cats, dogs, birds and farm animals. Because of her passion for horses, she and her boyfriend started a small-scale livery stable alongside her job at Wageningen UR.

She has always found it difficult to believe that although there is so much scientific knowledge on horses, very little of this knowledge reaches the sector. This is why she and a former fellow student founded, a knowledge platform where they share scientific knowledge on the behaviour and welfare of horses.

In September of 2023, Lydia began working as a researcher and teacher for the Human-Animal Interactions professorship at Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Dronten. She is involved in research on animal welfare in healthcare and security, on animals in sport and leisure, and on animal management, with a focus on horses and dogs. As a teacher, she teaches various subjects that have to do with the behaviour, welfare and keeping of animals.