Karl Selles researcher at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Dronten

Position: Agritech and Management teacher
Professorship: Precision Agriculture and Smart Farming
Email: k.selles@aeres.nl
Telephone number: +31 88 02 06 053
Social media: LinkedIn

About Karl Selles

Karl Selles has been working as an Agrotech and Management teacher at Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Dronten since February of 2018. After obtaining both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree at Aeres, he worked in industry for a number of years in innovation, product development and international OEM sales management. Now he is at Aeres again, he mainly focuses on innovation management, new (circular) business models, marketing and sales, and precision agriculture. His goal is to take the sector to a higher level together with students in projects by collecting and translating new information, knowledge and talents into successful new business models.