Jetske de Boer

Position: Professor at Aeres University of Applied Sciences, researcher at NIOO-KNAW
Professorship: Ecologically Wise: Insects and Society

About Jetske de Boer

Dr. Eng. Jetske de Boer has been conducting academic research as an entomologist for 20 years. She strives to connect her research with the field of practice. After obtaining her doctorate at the Entomology Chair of Wageningen UR, on the subject of interactions between mesostigmata, red spider mites and plants, she worked for a number of years as a post doctorate researcher at the University of Minnesota in the U.S.

Subsequently, she carried out research projects on Ichneumonidae at the University of Groningen, on malaria mosquitoes at Wageningen UR, and on hyperparasites at the NIOO KNAW. Jetske also works for the Nederlands Entomological Society as editor of the Entomological News magazine that provides a platform to amateur and professional entomologists, and as an associate editor of a science magazine called Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata.

At the professorship, Jetske wants to apply her broad expertise as an entomologist to research on social issues regarding insects, in order to inspire ‘green’ vocational education.