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Position: Teache-Researcher
Professorship: Circular Entrepreneurship in Agrifood
Social media: LinkedIn

About David Eissens

David Eissens is a researcher and teacher on the subject of the circular economy. He studied food production technology at Wageningen UR, where he specialised in fermentation and biotechnology. He also has a teaching degree in chemistry. In the course of his career, David carried out research on protein alternatives, such as insects and fungi, and on human gut bacteria.

At the Circular Entrepreneurship in the Agrifood Sector professorship, David researches systems and technology that require very few raw materials, have a low ecological impact and have a positive social impact. He focuses on the use of biobased materials and looks for smart business models that are suitable for this type of business management. When developing new business models, he aims to include antifragility and also climate-adaptivity when necessary.