Corné Kocks professor at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Dronten

Position: Professor, team leader and research manager of Practice-based Research in Dronten
Professorship: Precision Agriculture & Smart Farming
Telephone number: +31 88 020 5849 (for appointments: +31 88 020 5773) / +31 62 27 70 458
Social media: LinkedIn

About Corné Kocks

As one of the professors of Precision Agriculture & Smart Farming, Corné Kocks works closely with entrepreneurs and Wageningen UR. Corné has both a practical and a scientific background in crop production and forage and fodder crops. He grew up on a combined crop farm and agricultural contractors firm. He began his education at the Rijks Hogere Landbouwschool (former agricultural college) in Groningen and went on to study Plant Pathology and Agricultural Plant Breeding at Wageningen UR. He obtained his doctorate in the subject of spatial dependent statistics, which serves him well in his work as a professor. Nowadays, he works on innovations in the field of smart farming, such as vertical farming, breeding without sunlight, and robotisation. Besides his position as a professor, Corné is also the team leader and research manager of the Practice-based Research Team, and he is responsible for the Centre for Expertise on Open Pollination Crops.