Cees den Hartog

Position: Researcher
Email: chartog@deltion.nl

About Cees den Hartog

Cees den Hartog is a social psychologist and researcher whose career pathway led him from being a university teacher and subsequently a manager and adviser to become an innovation manager for a regional education centre. At present, he carries out research and guides secondary vocational education teachers in developing an investigative attitude.

As a doctoral candidate, he researches the professional space of secondary vocational education teachers. The title of his research is: Popular problematisation, explanations and proposed solutions regarding rules and the reduction of regulatory pressure fall short. His hypothesis is that the professional space mainly comes from the meanings of words and views that these teachers use in and outside education: conflicting perspectives on, beliefs about and interpretations of what ‘good work’ is. The analysis of the meanings, how they relate to one another and the dynamics provides insights into the professional space as a process and also in the positions and activities of those who dominate, marginalise and resist in this force field.