Brigitta Methorst-Zijlstra researcher at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere

Position: Teacher-Researcher
Professorship: Green & Vital Cities
Social media: LinkedIn

About Brigitta Methorst-Zijlstra

Brigitta Methorst is fascinated by people and their environment, and especially by the way that they influence each other. She has delved into this subject from different perspectives. From that of the government, the education system, businesses and a researcher. The human measure forms the connecting link. In the 10 years that Brigitta has been working for Aeres University of Applied Sciences, she has learned about the provision of education from the inside out.

Her specialisation is that of introducing what is current from the perspective of the professional field and the education system: connecting students and the professional environment. Her experience with provinces and city councils as a landscape architect, her experience abroad as a production manager in plant breeding, and her specialisation as a developmental sociologist are professional fields with which she connects in her work at Aeres.

She became a teacher researcher in August of 2017. Her work focuses on organising the collaboration between students and external clients in applied research. The substantive themes that she works on are: experiencing nature, local green spaces, and a healthy environment in cities and (urban) food initiatives with inhabitant participation. She is also involved in various projects as a social innovation process coach.