Bram Knegt researcher at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere

Position: Teacher-Researcher
Professorship: Resilient Plants

About Bram Knegt

Since the spring of 2021, Bram Knegt has been working as a teacher researcher on the Mimicking Trichomes project with Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Almere. The goal of this project that is led by Mirka Macel, the professor of Resilient Plants, is to develop a new and sustainable crop protection method, based on the natural functioning of sticky trichomes. This project is funded by the Nationale Wetenschapsagenda and is a collaboration between the universities of Leiden, Wageningen and Groningen. The method is being developed to protect plants from trips in greenhouse horticulture, although there is also potential for a broader application, possibly also to field scale crops.

Bram has a background as a biologist studying plant – herbivore (insect) interactions, and obtained both his MSc and PhD degrees at Amsterdam University. He is interested in the evolution of plant – herbivore interactions and the application to crop protection and plant modification.