Ayella Spaapen researcher at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Dronten

Position: Teacher-Researcher
Email: a.spaapen@aeres.nl
Telephone number: +31 62 83 35 968
Social media: LinkedIn

About Ayella Spaapen

In September of 2019, after completing a Business Administration bachelor’s programme and an Agribusiness Development master’s programme, Ayella Spaapen began working for the Circular Entrepreneurship in the Agrifood Sector professorship. As a teacher and researcher, she works on subjects that have to do with innovative crops and the valorisation of waste streams. She works together with (agricultural) businesses and students.

The subjects she works on are: blockchain technology, circular business models, food waste, and alternative growing methods, such as growing crops in saline conditions and growing crops with the use of solar panels. She is also the project manager of various projects of several professorships and lectures on various subjects, including mathematics and research skills.