Arjen Nawijn

Position: Teacher trainer, education scientist
Professorship: Boundary crossing practices of teachers and researchers
Telephone number: +31 62 38 70 966
Social media: LinkedIn

About Arjen Nawijn

Arjen Nawijn graduated as a biologist, an environmental biologist and an education scientist. He began his career as a biology and natural science teacher in secondary education. With his environmental science and education science background, he occupies himself with training teachers on the subject of learning for sustainable development, at Aeres and other organisations. His teaching tasks focus on academic counselling and the supervision of graduation research in bachelor’s programmes. He also works on the quality assurance of Aeres.

Through his job as a teacher researcher, he became involved with the Boundary Crossing Practices of Teachers and Researchers professorship in 2016. Several of his research projects focus on the way in which teachers with a master’s degree shape investigative work on education issues. Important questions are the degree to which they apply their research and innovation ability and what deters or encourages them in their research and innovative role. What he finds especially appealing, is the emancipatory perspective on the role of teachers in the improvement and innovation of education. Because teachers are involved in the research projects, they become more self-aware and they develop themselves in their roles.