Annet Velthuis professor at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Dronten

Position: Professor
Professorship: Cattle Health Management
Telephone number: +31 62 32 28 661 / +31 88 020 6066
Social media: LinkedIn

About Annet G.J. Velthuis

Annet has been the Health Cattle Management professor in Dronten since 1 January 2018. Annet also works as Head of the Bacteriology Research Department of Wageningen Bioveterinary Research in Lelystad. She has extensive experience in the field of animal health and in conducting research. After her Animal Science studies at Wageningen UR, that focused on Veterinary Epidemiology and Genetics, and her doctorate in Quantitive Veterinary Epidemiology, she worked for the Business Administration chair for 11 years, focusing on Economics of Animal Health and Food Safety. Subsequently, she worked as a cattle research manager for 9 years at Royal GD.

Her research focuses on practice-based research for and with cattle farmers, veterinarians, teachers and students, which provides insights into practically applicable measures that contribute to the health of calves and cows. The important thing here is optimising the animals’ resilience and minimising disruptions (including infections).