Altjo Medema researcher at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Dronten

Position: Teacher-Researcher
Professorship: Precision Agriculture & Smart Farming
Social media: LinkedIn

About Altjo Medema

Altjo Medema has been working as a teacher and a researcher at Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Dronten since 2020. He is part of the Agritech & Management Team and mainly works on updating the curricula of Precision Agriculture and of the Precision Agriculture minor. As a researcher he is mainly involved in the National Testing Ground for Precision Agriculture (NPPL). There he edits the Wiki Precisielandbouw, develops educational materials for green secondary and higher education, and organises train the trainer courses for his colleagues.

Before he started working for Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Dronten, he had his own crop farm in Biddinghuizen, where he actively began practicing precision agriculture in 2004. He has also worked in the Agricultural IT sector and was involved in several projects in the Netherlands and abroad. His spearheads are: breeding registration, sensor data, decision supportive systems, soil and crop sensing, task cards, sharing and working together.