Research Wageningen

Position: Teacher - Researcher
Professorship: Ecologically Wise: Insects and Society
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About Alette Los

A love of nature and the desire to inspire form the storyline of Alette Los’s career. After studying Biology at Wageningen UR, where she focused on ecology and a specialisation in Nature and Environment Education, she worked for various organisations and in the education sector on the interface of nature and education.

Since 2018, Alette works as a teacher for Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen, where she, among other things, teaches plant breeding, permaculture, nature inclusive agriculture, field work and didactics. She coordinates the short teacher training course for ‘green subjects’ (HPO) and supervises projects with international students. As a member of the board of the national project group Nature Inclusive Agriculture in Education, Alette works with (Aeres) colleagues on structural embedding of agroecological principles in green secondary and higher education. Moral formation is an important theme. It is not only about providing factual knowledge, but about encouraging critical and broad thinking and insight in complex issues as well.

As a member of the knowledge network of the Ecologically Wise professorship, Alette conducts research on the development of societal support for biodiversity measures and nature, and the use of regional learning networks, in order to gain insight into regenerative agriculture practices and green-blue measures that contribute to climate adaptation, biodiversity, livability and health.