Akker groeven

Aeres Hogeschool carries out practice-oriented research in the context of its profile, that is relevant to education and impacts professional practice, society and living environments. With this in mind, research focuses on essential, societal issues and links to national, international and regional developments. For instance, issues that concentrate on a sustainable society, responsible entrepreneurship, and professionals in vocational education.

Our university of applied sciences and professionals in the field formulate research questions and carry out research together. The research is always societally relevant and is always of benefit to professional practice. It enriches the related scientific disciplines of knowledge.

Connection with education

Our research projects contribute to the development of students’ and teachers’ knowledge and expertise. Teachers, teacher researchers and professors guide students in learning how to carry out research and with research projects. Students are trained as professionals with research capabilities and current knowledge on the sector they are being trained to work in. Our graduates have an investigative attitude and a solid basis from which they can further develop themselves.

Research programs

Research programs have been set up in order to create focus, make choices and connect expertise. Each faculty has a research program that links to the central subjects and the study programs that we offer. These programs are: ‘Healthy living in green cities’, ‘Sustainable entrepreneurship’, and 'Empowering your learning capacity – learning and development for contributing to a sustainable world’.

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