Do you have a passion for horses and are you dreaming of a successful business career in the international equine industry? Choose our bachelor’s study programme Pferdemanagement. Although it is a programme taught in Dutch, we welcome a number of German students every year. That is why we call it Pferdemanagement. The programme is a business management degree in which the horse plays a central role. Business management subjects make up 70% of the programme, while horse-related subjects make up the remaining 30%.

Study information

In these two presentations, lecturer Mrs Mireille van Damme gives information on Pferdemanagement.

One of our Pferdemanagement students tells more about this study in the video below (in German)

The combination of business management and horse-related subjects is the perfect mix for me. A business management programme where I can gain extensive professional knowledge on the equestrian world

Justina Hildebrandt

Students about Pferdemanagement

In this video students explain (in German) why they like our study programme and what they are going to do after they graduate.

Have you visited the Pferdemanagement page on our website yet? Here you will find a lot of information about the programme, but also about studying in the Netherlands, our university, tuition fees and other practical matters.

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Ask lecturer Roel Veen

Do you have questions about for example our summer course or about studying in the Netherlands / at our University? Please contact our lecturer Roel Veen by e-mail.

Ask a student

Student Lara can tell you everything about the atmosphere at school, classes and more. Contact Lara via e-mail or WhatsApp: 0049-15735795833.

You can ask your questions in German to both Roel and Lara.