Would you like to help create durable and healthy food systems for growing cities? Would you like to bridge the gap between food technology and marketing for a company, or would you like to start your own business? Are you the connector who wants to make a difference? Well then, Food Systems Innovation is just the programme for you!

Study information

In this presentation, lecturer Dr. Elise Gieling provides an introduction to the master’s programme Food Systems Innovation and talks about what it will help you to become!

Would you like to hear more about the content of this programme? In this second presentation, the curriculum will be explained to you in more detail.

Would you like some in-depth information? You can read everything about admission requirements, your future after your graduation, and other information on the Food Systems Innovation page.

*NB: This is a new master's programme. However, we will not be able to award a master’s degree until our programme has been officially accredited by the ‘Nederlands Vlaamse Accreditatie Organisatie’. At present, we are in the middle of the accreditation procedure and we expect to be notified of a decision somewhere around May. Meanwhile, you will be able to apply for admission, and we will keep temporarily admitted students informed about the procedure and the decision about our application.