Start your application for a certificate course (1-5 months) here:

Application deadline

The application deadline depends on the course you’d like to follow. For more information, go to the certificate course of your liking.

Step-by-step application

  1. Check if you meet the requirements. You can find the admission requirements on the course page.
  2. Start the admission by completing this application form and supply the requested documents:
    - CV/Resume (with relevant working experience)
    - Motivation letter
    - Copy passport
    - Most relevant diploma and a list of marks
    - English language test result (only in case English is not the first language in your country)
  3. On this form you can mention the scholarship or grant you wish to apply for.
  4. Mail the completed form and documents to Your application will only be taken in to consideration if all documents are present.
  5. We will inform you by email whether you are eligible or not. If you eligible, you will receive an instruction on how to apply for the scholarship.