Education in Almere: Food, Nature & Urban Green

Education in Almere is all about making and keeping growing cities liveable. We need knowledge to make cities sustainable in terms of nature, food, water en energy. That's why we educate students around the themes of Food, Nature & Urban Green. For more information go to Study in Almere.

Research in Almere: Healthy living in a green city

How do we create an urban environment that challenges us to lead a healthy life with a healthy diet? The research programme at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere focuses on factors that influence our lifestyle and our nutrition, and the question of how these factors can contribute to this in a sustainable manner. Factors such as green physical factors (urban green space), social factors (points of sale of food) or economic factors.

The research programme ‘Gezond leven in de groene stad’, or Healthy living in a green city, enables us to develop new knowledge and business concepts. We carry out this research for and together with various parties in the region, such as local governments, businesses and institutes and NGOs. Students from the faculty and from other faculties and other universities of applied sciences participate in this research in modules, practical research, thesis research and internships.


  • Green and vibrant city
  • Nutrition and healthy living

Floriade 2022

Floriade is an International Horticultural Expo, held every 10 years in the Netherlands. The 7th Floriade (2022) is located in Almere. For six months, the attention to the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’ will be focused on the cities of the future. The Floriade 2022 will focus on new ways to keep our cities safe, healthy and attractive.

Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere is committed to this project. In the coming few years a whole new district will be developed with different functions, like housing, commercial areas, innovation centres and educational facilities. The development around 'the green heart' of the city will generate interesting student projects for the near future.

Floriade central tower
Floriade forest house
Floriade logies