Aeres University of Applied Sciences Dronten students

Education in Dronten: Agribusiness, food, horticulture and animal science

For 60 years, students in Dronten learn about agribusiness, horticulture, food and animal sciences. The programmes combine theoretical study with practical training. For more information go to Study in Dronten.

Cows outside with student from Aeres University of Applied Sciences at Aeres Farms
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students with dog from Animal health and management student from Aeres University of Applied Sciences
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students aeres university of applied sciences dronten

Research in Dronten: Sustainable entrepreneurship

‘Duurzaam ondernemen’, or Sustainable entrepreneurship, enables us to work towards responsible entrepreneurship and sustainable business development in agrifood and agriculture. In other words: a more sustainable way of producing food. On the whole,  current production methods have had a negative impact on animal welfare and our own environment. We use too many resources and the returns for businesses are under pressure.

In the research programme ‘Duurzaam ondernemen’, we carry out research to bring about innovation, in order to make agrifood and agriculture sustainable. Research is carried out in the form of lectureship assignments, practical research, thesis research and internships.


  • Potato supply chain and innovation of the sector
  • Agricultural water management
  • Sustainable soil management
  • Grasslands and pasturing
  • Management of cattle health
  • Precision agriculture
  • Precision nutrition and sustainable poultry farming