International Horticulture Management top rated programme 2021

First year

First semester

Module 1: International Strategic Innovation in Horticulture

  • Entrepreneurship and innovative competencies training
  • Application of knowledge of high-tech plant production systems, financial management, and strategic product and business management
  • Practical assignments and practicum centred around high-tech plant production systems
  • Assessment: write a strategic business plan for a horticultural company

Module 2: International Corporate Social Responsibly and Quality Management Systems in Horticulture module

  • Lessons in Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in horticulture
  • Lessons in process management and export management 
  • Assessment: design a CSR/QMS analysis for a horticultural company

Second semester

7-Week course at Ecole Superieure d’Agricultures in Angers (France)

  • Lessons in genotyping, genetics, crop protection and plant pathology
  • Excursions to various companies in the regio
  • Practical placement of 9 weeks
  • Exams

Whole year

Module: Personal Development

  • Personal development
  • Job Application training
  • Preparation thesis project
  • Proof of Proficiency

Second year

In the second year of the programme, you will focus on either entrepreneurship, or extension services or plantbreeding. Entrepreneurship involves subjects such as Human Resource Management, which focuses especially on large-scale farms. The extension services course trains you in sales and advisory skills.

All skills and knowledge gained will be put into practice during an international company placement, in which you will work as a young professional. You will work on an individual research project during this placement, which will form the basis of your thesis. In your thesis report, you need to demonstrate your ability to carry out applied research at bachelor’s degree level.