Bachelor International dairy management Aeres university of applied sciences

First semester

Module 1: Dairy Specialist and Advisor

In this module you will learn how to act as a consultant or an advisor in the dairy sector. This includes communicating with farmers, gathering farm data, analyzing this data and formulating advice that is consistent with farmers’ objectives. For a solid background in giving advice, you will gain knowledge on dairy nutrition, dairy genetics, dairy health and roughage production. You will also have practical training in giving advice to farmers when you write an advisory report and present this in an advisory meeting to the farmer.

Module 2: International) Entrepreneur

The decisions that farmers have to make are becoming more and more complex. That is why, in this module, you will learn the right competencies to develop ideas and calculate the economic effects of operational, tactical and strategic options that you have in mind for your farm or the farms belonging to your clients. In this module you will learn to develop new ideas, explore the possibilities for improvement of farm management and develop new ideas for farm development. There are classes in: farm economics, strategic management, marketing and sales, world agricultural policy, HRM and international dairy production. And you will write an strategic advisory report and present this in an advisory meeting to the farmer.

In this module you will:

  • Learn how to act as an advisor or entrepreneur in an international environment
  • Develop write a marketing plan and conduct a sales talk
  • Write a strategic advisory report (business plan) and present this in an advisory meeting to an actual farmer

Competency Management

At Aeres university of applied sciences (UAS) we do not only focus on practical and theoretical knowledge, but on personal growth as well. In this module, called APL4iL, we will reflect on your development and prepare you for your professional career.

Second semester

Module 1: Applied Livestock research

Here you will learn how to:

  • Prepare a research proposal
  • Analyze data from dairy research
  • Translate research findings into practical recommendations

Company placement

During your company placement, you will be given the opportunity to gain experience and develop competencies for a career in dairy management. This placement will be in the Netherlands. In the past, students have been placed with feed companies, research institutes, companies developing and selling dairy equipment, and specific international advisory organisations.


The thesis subject will be chosen by you or in consultation with your placement company. The subject is usually related to a subject encountered during the company placement. In your thesis report, you will be expected to demonstrate your ability of conducting applied research at a bachelor’s degree level.