Aeres University of Applied Sciences Dronten campus student housing

For students studying at Aeres University of Applied Sciences there are various options for accommodation in Dronten. The campus area next to the college building is an attractive and safe environment to live in lodgings.


48 student rooms are situated next to the college building. Apart from the facilities for studying you can use: the student bar, sports accommodation, computer rooms, and the library. On Tuesdays hot meals can be provided for all students and staff in the school restaurant. (signing in for meals is required a day before the meal).

Lay-out of a student house

All international students will be housed in a building with a total of 48 rooms (8 of these rooms are double rooms). Each room is furnished. A bathroom is shared by 2 rooms connected to the bathroom. Per 24 rooms, there are 5 cooking stations, washing and drying machines.

Student housing

Renting fees

The room is rented for a 12 month period (1 August till 31 July), this period will be mentioned on your contract. You can cancel your contract per month. E.g. if your programme stops in January, you give notice to the landlord in December to terminate your contract in January. You will need to pay for the full month of the month that leave in.

Rental fee per month for a single furnished room of 12,5 square meters is about € 360,- (including service costs) per person.
Rental fee per month for a single furnished room of 20 square meters is about € 440,- (including service costs) per person.

Service costs consists of energy costs, maintenance costs and the caretaker/housemaster. These prices are the rental prices of academic year 2020-2021.