Student sports aeres university of applied sciences dronten

Studentsport has been the place for sports and leisure activities for students of Aeres Hogeschool Dronten for four years. Annually over 2000 students participate in the sports evenings, at least 30 different sports are covered and we also organize multiple events and sports tournaments. Our mission is to get students of Aeres University of Applied Sciences Dronten moving in both sporting and social areas. We do this by offering accessible sports classes and unique events with a sporty character. In this way we connect and activate international and Dutch students.

Sport evenings

Three different sports are offered every Monday and Thursday evening between 6:30 and 9:00 pm. The sports range from soccer to dance and from kickboxing to yoga. Check the weekly schedule below to see which sports will be offered this week.


In the gym you can work on your fitness and strength four days a week. In the evening hours an instructor will be present to help you get started, give instructions and create a tailor-made training schedule. Check the weekly schedule below for current opening hours.

Events and tournaments

A minimum of two events or tournaments are held each school term. The events range from laser gaming to bubble soccer and from wall climbing to bowling. Soccer and blacklight volleyball are the most popular tournaments.


Adress: Studentensport Aeres Hogeschool, De Drieslag 4, 8251 JZ Dronten, The Netherlands

E-mail:, Phone: +31 6 29 98 70 58