Aeres University of Applied Sciences, Dronten, students, international studies

With the Agri Innovation Centre, Aeres Hogeschool aims to let research, education and the business sector reinforce each other. The practically-oriented environment provides you with the opportunity to experiment and carry out applied research together with agricultural businesses. Besides various practice and demo setups, there is also a development laboratory where you can work on practical assignments.

During your studies, you will gain practical experience by following various practicums. Here you will get the chance to see theory being put into practice and to work with this yourself. In the practice areas, you will work with hydraulics, electrical systems and sensors that are in use in agricultural technology. By carrying out assignments for agricultural companies, you will be able to put theory into practice. You can analyze and detect several practical issues, which enables you to develop new knowledge. This will enable you to learn what the correlation and interdependency are of different factors and technologies that influence, for example, the quality of materials, intermediate goods and end-products. You will also work in simulated professional situations, so that you can learn about different aspects, such as research, entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration.