Research Wageningen

Position: Doctoral student, Lifelong Development coordinator (LLO), Academic Writing teacher
Professorship: Responsive education and knowledge creation, Environment Inclusive Entrepreneurship 
Telephone number: +31 64 31 41 176
Social media: LinkedIn

About Kiran van der Brande

Kiran van den Brande works for Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen as a doctoral student, a Lifelong Development (LLO) coordinator and an Academic Writing teacher. His journey began in 2018 when he began working as a teacher in the International Team, where he shared his passion for language and communication with international students. This formed the foundations of his profound involvement in school pedagogy issues.

Parallel to his work at Aeres, Kiran is an independent doctoral student at the Open University. At the Education Sciences faculty, he researches the development of involvement in research themes. His research is inspired by the concept of Knowledge Building with Prof. Dr. Frank de Jong as its promotor.

His research collaboration with Prof. Dr. Frank de Jong and Dr. Eng. Corne Kocks is characterised by enthusiasm and progression. Their mutual passion for knowledge building and research on involvement forms the basis of a dynamic and inspiring collaboration.

Kiran also fulfils the role of Lifelong Development coordinator at Aeres. In this role, he studies the broader context of professional development and how the sharing of knowledge by professionals and students can contribute to continuous growth. His doctoral research on involvement goes together with this role in that he studies the way in which public-private organisational learning can be shaped.