Minor Intercultural Communication

Minor Intercultural Communication

5 months
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Are you working in international projects or in intercultural groups? In our English minor Intercultural Communication you will learn to look at yourself and your own culture. From that perspective you can learn to understand other people and organizations from their culture in order to achieve a successful cooperation.

Why this minor?

We live in a time of increasing globalization, migration and urbanization, which leads to a society characterized by growing diversity in a social and professional context. This offers opportunities and dynamic development, but this may also lead to anxiety, misunderstandings and xenophobia. How to handle these aspects of modern living and employ them to identify opportunities without being blind for threats?

In this minor you will learn to take a proactive and self-reflective role and develop professional relationships in a foreign or multicultural context in your professional career at home and abroad. The minor has a value of fifteen European Credits (15 ECs).


We also offer this course in-company.

  • Language: English
  • Location: Wageningen
  • Number of credits: 15 European Credits (15 ECs)
  • Start date: February
  • Duration: 1 semester

Practical matters and registration

  • Tuition fee for students: no extra tuition fees (apart from the tuition fees you pay for your bachelor or university study)
  • Tuition fee for non-students: For only part 1 : € 2380, For part 1 and 2 : €2975 
  • Register for students: Kiesopmaat
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Intercultural Communication