Work opportunities

Depending on the arrival of your residence permit, there is some opportunity to do additional work in Dronten, via job agency or via Aeres University. This can never exceed 10 hours of work per week, due to work permit restrictions. It is thinkable that the work permit needed for this work will be late in arriving, due to bureaucracy in the organisations dealing with these applications.

Count on being able to work for about ten weeks -at 10 hours per week- in all, which should provide you with € 700,- as an addition to your budget. DO NOT base your decisions on this amount, but consider it as an extra!! Aeres University cannot be held responsible for work opportunities in The Netherlands, since what is offered is an academic programme, not practical training or a working holiday. Moreover, it is not possible to guarantee work opportunities at the moment you desire them!

For more information please turn to the International Office of Aeres University of Applied Sciences by sending an e-mail to